Spotting Zebras from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi

14 JUL 2018

GAIN – following nine years of success in blended finance for fortified foods and managing a trade financing facility for vitamins and minerals which has provided nearly US$80 million in extended credit – is building a Nutritious Foods Financing Program.

While still in the early days the aim is to mobilize funds to provide more targeted technical assistance to SMEs, and to strengthen existing — as well as establish new — financing modalities which provide access to private and public sector investment for SMEs which can produce more safe, nutritious foods.

National companies deliver a significant percentage of the foods consumed in Africa. Many of the food companies with which GAIN already engages to improve nutrition can be categorized as “Zebras” – family-founded and operated, medium growth companies which are unlikely to exit to third parties or receive large equity investments.

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