iGravity is born

13 JUN 2017

iGravity was officially born on March 13, 2017, thought the first seeds of its creation were planted a long time before. Home is Zurich, Milano, London and all the disparate places in the world where people lack opportunities to make a decent living.

iGravity is the synthesis of a long series of encounters and special moments with people across the globe working relentlessly to solve some of the most pressing social and environmental issues. Many of these projects have strong business models, attractive economics and a clear value proposition to improve lives of low-income households and emerging consumers.

There is also another “universe” of people that don’t have (yet) a business model but have a huge motivation to do something and leverage their resources – being it finance, knowledge or network - to solve some of these same challenges. The enthusiasm and brilliance of all of them are contagious and generate a natural attraction of people and projects looking at how to create positive change. That’s the impact gravity, or iGravity.

iGravity started without a clear business model, out of some very concrete needs and opportunities in the field: an international NGO committed to launch an impact investment fund to increase access to and quality of education for children of low- and middle-income communities; a family that is planning to build up a portfolio of impact investments with a focus on nature conservation and wildlife protection; a Fintech company eager to develop a stronger impact proposition, develop products and open up new markets to fund emerging market students; a company planting and selling trees that provide an additional income to farmers; a technical assistance facility that supports financial institutions to significantly scale up their outreach to poor people in developing countries.

We look forward many new inspiring encounters, be ready for the iGravity.