Education Impact Investment - New opportunities to leverage donor funds into greater impact

17 JUL 2017

Education Finance is one of the areas that could hugely benefit from impact investing as millions of children are still not going to school and there is urgent need for new and timely solutions. Globally still 263 million children - adolescents and youth between the ages of 6 and 17 - are currently out of school, including 61 million primary school children. Even when they go to school millions of children do not learn the basics, as the infrastructure is often very poor and teachers are either not resourced or not held to account. For example, the average class size exceeds 70 pupils per class in Malawi, the Central African Republic and in Tanzania. On average, 14 students share the same mathematics textbook in Cameroon. 70% or more schools in Mauritania, Comoros and Chad do not have toilets. Half of primary schools in Sub Sahara Africa do not have drinking water. Most children do not start Primary education until age 8, placing them well behind the curve in difficult environments to play catch-up.


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