Investing in Agriculture in Emerging Markets: How to Ensure Impact and Returns?

28 JUL 2021

Investing in sustainable and inclusive agriculture in emerging markets can have the triple benefits of alleviating poverty, mitigating climate change, and providing attractive returns for investors. However, ensuring impact and returns can be tricky, as investors traditionally see this sector as high risk and find it difficult to avoid “impact-washing”.

In the executive summary below, as well as in the recording of our webinar on the subject, we share the key takeaways from our research and conversation with Agriculture and Commodity Structured Trade Finance expert Nabil Marc Abdul-Massih, CEO of INOKS Capital.


Particularly, we discuss how investors can:

• Finance the different actors across the agricultural value chain
• Mitigate the risks linked to Emerging Market Agriculture investments
• Find attractive opportunities both from an impact and financial perspective.


You can read the executive summary here.