Green Bonds: How to Optimize Impact and Returns

22 FEB 2021

In this webinar, we discuss how investors can:

• Assess Greenness (and its different levels) when selecting Green Bonds;
• Understand the main limitations and critics of this growing asset class;
• Find attractive opportunities from an impact as well as financial perspective.

We are joined by Green Bond expert Lili Hocke, product manager of Opinion Services at Sustainalytics. Lili manages Sustainalytics’ SFS Opinion Services for Green/Social/ Sustainability Bonds and Loans as well as Sustainability Linked Financial Instruments, globally. In this role she is responsible for the development and enhancement of impact and opinion products for the loan and capital markets.

The panel is complemented by Frédéric Berney, Chair of the Investment Committee at iGravity, and Itamar Ahrenbeck, Investment Associate at iGravity.


You can read the webinar summary here.