Exploring investable opportunities across the affordable housing value chain

31 MAY 2022

Affordable Housing is becoming increasingly relevant for impact investors looking to generate both financial returns and social impact aligned with the SDGs.
As part of an advisory mandate for Habitat for Humanity International, an investor and market builder in the Affordable Housing space, iGravity recently completed a feasibility study for a follow-on fund to the MicroBuild Fund. The project's goal was to support the design of a new fund by understanding the market needs and opportunities and developing a pitch deck to facilitate initial conversations with investors.

For more insights on our work, you can read the contribution of Patrick Elmer, iGravity founder and CEO, in the annual report of the MicroBuild Fund here.
We are very grateful for working with and being inspired by the Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter and Habitat for Humanity International and look forward to the opportunities ahead.


Read Patrick Elmer's contribution here.